Tuesday, January 31, 2017

34 Years of Songs Part Two

Last week I started to look at what the best song of the year was for the year. It's been a good week overall and busy, hence the post going up on Tuesday instead of Monday. Let's review the rules again:

The process that I undertook with creating this list was to look up each year and then choose my favorite song from that year. The song has to have been released in the year that we are claiming it for. So even if the song was number 1 in 1985 but it was released in 1984, it would be connected to 1984 (You'll see this later). The songs are also based on my opinions of them now, not when I was that age.

We left off at 1993, so that is where we will begin

1993: Daughter by Pearl Jam - This was an extremely tough choice because other choices that could serve as the best song of the year include All Apologies, Heart-Shaped Box, Runaway Train, Are You Going My Way, Plush, No Rain, Cryin, Down in a Hole, Living on the Edge, Mary Jane's Last Dance, Amazing, Hey Jealousy and many more. Since the Nirvana song was great but this Pearl Jam song is one of their best, so I went with it.

1994: Basket Case by Green Day - Again another hard year to choose from, especially since the music world was at the height of the grunge movement. Nirvana, Soundgarden, STP, The Cranberries and more all had awesome songs for the year but I have to go with the band that taught me to love punk music and one of their signature songs.

1995: 1979 by The Smashing Pumpkins - One of the most critically successful and commercially successful albums of the 90's, so I choose my favorite song off of the double album.Again, there were too many songs to choose from.

1996: Worlds Apart by Jars of Clay - The song was on the debut album for Jars of Clay and it's a great song. After much debate, I had to go with this one.

1997: My Hero by The Foo Fighters -  Another year of great music but knowing that this was the year when one of the best Foo Albums came out was all I needed to see. This was also the year that Matchbox Twenty hit it big and I started to venture into different styles of music.

1998: Intergalactic by The Beastie Boys - The first time this list breaks from the mostly rock that it has been so far. Hello Nasty was a great album and really opened my eyes to a different style of music. That is why Beastie ends up here on the list over Everclear, Goo Goo Dolls, Garbage and others.

1999: All the Small Things - Blink 182 - We are back to the world of punk music, only a few years after hearing Green Day, I was drawn to Blink 182. Maybe it was the potty humor, the energetic music, or that I believed the music spoke to me at that age, it's pretty clear the band has had a major influence over the music I listen to.

2000: Hemorrhage (In My Hands) by Fuel - Another angst-ridden song to go with my youth. I would find myself constantly singing this song, the vocals and the power guitars make this song skyrocket over everything else that came out in this year 

2001: Alive by P.O.D. - Another great song, off of a great album. It was hard to choose just one of the songs, so I went with the one that made me listen to the whole album. I remember buying the day it came out. I had the day off from work but the world had stopped because the day the was suppose to be released was also 9/11.

2002: Like a Stone by Audioslave - Sometimes when great musicians get together you get amazing music, this was that case. While Audioslave was together the music was awesome and some of the best for the decade but for me it began with this song.

2003: Numb by Linkin Park - Another great band that released probably their best album and definitely some of the best songs of 2003. Numb and Faint are both songs that are in constant rotation when I go running, they are just strong, driving almost rapcore songs and they make any day or event move faster.

So that's it for the list for part two, next week we will go all the way and finish out this list. I think I am going to need to make a few new car playlists.

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