Monday, January 16, 2017

Crash Course!!

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One of the coolest things I have learned since I started my new position in the school district is creating a digital learner license course. What I mean is finding the materials to use for said course in our learning management system. One place where those materials can be found is Crash Course. If you are a teacher, this site is perfect for you, if your not a teacher...don't stop reading because you too can learn cool new things.

I think one of the greatest things that the internet has ever created was this ability to simplify the things that we have learned over time. I wish I had YouTube when I was a student. I think I would have been a much more knowledgeable student. Having a source that helps you understand complex ideas and thoughts in a way that is accessible is what Crash Course provides. Whether it's science, social studies or classic literature these videos teach you as if you were in a classroom. They also have a series on the history of games, GAMES!!! I love playing games and can't wait til our boys are older and we can really get into playing many of the games. I can say I have watched many of the videos and the first thing you need to prepared for is how fast they speaker talks, John Green can get going.

Speaking of John Green, Crash Course was the brain-child of John Green (world famous author of awesome books) and his brother Hank (who is a huge Harry Potter Fan, he recorded a whole album of music, click here to find it). They believed that quality educational videos should be free and available to everyone, from there they created an awesome team around them and off they went.

I implore you to go out to Crash Course and go learn something new and as they always say in my hometown "Don't Forget to Be Awesome"...they don't say that in my town but they should!

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