Tuesday, February 7, 2017

34 Years of Songs: Part 3 - The End For Now

We have finally reached an end, as I reflect on the process of choosing just one song, I found it to be really difficult to choose just one song. It was also a time of nostalgia and realizing that some songs are quite old, as in more than 20 years that I love. All in all a great idea that took a while to finalize because of all of the great music from the last 34 years.

Once again the process that I undertook with creating this list was to look up each year and then choose my favorite song from that year. The song has to have been released in the year that we are claiming it for. So even if the song was number 1 in 1985 but it was released in 1984, it would be connected to 1984 (You'll see this later). The songs are also based on my opinions of them now, not when I was that age.

2004: Slither by Velvet Revolver - Another supergroup from former power bands. Scott Weiland's powerful vocals with most of Guns N Roses behind him make a powerful, hard rocking song with a memorable opening riff.

2005: Sugar, We're Going Down by Fall Out Boy - While this wasn't the first big songs for Fall Out Boy, it quickly though became one of their most popular songs. It's catchy, it's punky and it's poppy all at the same time.

2006: Stolen by Dashboard Confessional - Emo was huge in the 2000's and I loved it all up. This was one of my favorite DC songs, it's breezy and catchy and surprisingly hopeful.

2007: Dismantle. Repair. by Anberlin - Only the greatest of all time, off of the greatest album of all time. It was hard to choose which songs from this album but I settled on this one, with Godspeed close behind.

2008: Love Don't Live Here Anymore by Lady Antebellum - This is probably the most controversial song on the list. The song was the lead single from Lady A's first album which was released in 2008 but the song hit the radio the year before. So technically the song still follows the rules that I created them. It's an awesome, so there's that. 

2009: Sparks Fly by Taylor Swift - You gotta have a little TSwizzle love on the list, it's a great song that is super catchy.

2010: Take Me (As You Found Me) by Anberlin - Another great song by the best band in the world. 

2011: Set Fire to the Rain by Adele - This was a monster album and my favorite song off of the album. An emotion album with some of the best vocals I have ever heard.

2012 Sweet Nothing by Calvin Harris feat. Florence Welch - Just a really fun song to listen to with her powerful vocals

2013: Southern Comfort Zone by Brad Paisley - I had to somehow fit Brad into the list as he is one of my favorite artists. This is one of his best songs about missing home after being on the road and learning about all the other cultures of the world

2014: Brother by NEEDTOBREATHE - I had to work these guys in somehow and this is one of my favorite songs from the band. They even did this song with Gavin DeGraw and both versions are awesome. 

2015: Parachute by Chris Stapleton - It's a great song off of a great album. The song has that southern rock sound to it, which is fantastic and I really like his voice

2016: Summertime Romance by Johnnyswim - This is just an amazingly awesome song that I can't get enough of and I am so glad I found this duo to listen to, it's a great song off of a great album.

2017: It's too soon to claim the best song of the year so this will have to come next year

It's been a lot of fun going through 30 years of music. Fun and Old, seeing the songs from the last 30 plus years, especially the songs from the 90's. Before we leave this post check out the Spotify playlist of the songs and even a few extras that just didn't quite make the list.

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