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Book Review: Better Than New: Lessons That I Learned From Saving Old Homes

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This past fall Nicole Curtis from Rehab Addict came out with a book. The book chronicled her life so far through the houses that she restored. I'll admit, watching her shows make me anxious about when I find problems in my house. The work she does on the houses is beautiful, so it was nice to read some of the backgrounds to the houses that she fixed upped. The book is a fast read, with lots of beautiful pictures of the houses that she has done.

While I did enjoy reading the book there are a few things that stood out to me. She works incredibly hard, much harder than anyone sees on the show. The other thing is that when you are reading her personal stuff you find yourself being like "Come On, You Know What You Should Do" or "Don't do that again" or "Why are you making that choice again" If you haven't read the book I don't want to give away her life story but when dealing with the personal stuff I found myself frustrated with her because of the choices she makes.

There were also some great words that I found comfort in. I do think because of her lifestyle choices she learns a lot and is able to put it in a way that it could become a catchphrase.

One that really stood out to me was "Failure teaches so much more than success. Don't avoid your failures; turn them into assets by taking away essential life lessons. You'll be happier if you look at things that way." All of this is a way to take a look at when you hit a failure not to dwell on it, make it define you but instead learn from it. Being a teacher this is a critical lesson I tried to teach my students. Failures are just opportunities to learn. The title of the chapter this quote comes from is 'Mistakes are Knowledge Waiting to Happen' (That makes a much better bumper sticker catch phrase).

While that was a good lesson to remember when things are going difficult or bad this other one is a much harder truth. I tend to hold onto things way too long, at times, unable to let go, but I know that God has let go of our sins when we confess them to him. The quote I reference for this is "You Can't Always Choose What You Keep, But You Can Choose What you Let Go". For her, this came from a place where her life in Tampa fell apart and she moved back home. This lesson came early on for her but it seemed to permeate through the entire book. I think for the rest of us, it is a message that needs to be taken to heart in our current world. I think that we all find ourselves attached to things that we know is not good for us. Things that God may have asked us to let go off and we can't. It's our choice in what we keep, you can keep all the bad and dwell in it or you can choose to let it go.

This book was overall a very good read, especially if you are interested in the back story of Nicole Curtis and Rehab Addict. Go out now and get the book. I took mine out from the library and the bookstores all around have it available.

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