Tuesday, February 28, 2017

Movie Review: Blood, Sweat & Beer

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We love documentaries at our house and we love beer, so a doc about beer sounds about right. I first saw this documentary during Western Mass Beer Week. It was being shown at Abandoned Building Brewery (which I also now work at, yeah me!) and I watched it a second time recently and it was extremely well done. Blood, Sweat & Beer follows two start-up breweries along with the massive growth of the craft beer industry.

A quick synopsis of the movie (from their website):
Blood, Sweat, and Beer is a feature documentary about the explosive growth of the craft beer industry and the dramatic journeys of two start-up breweries.

The film follows a trio of 23-year-olds as they struggle to start The Brew Gentlemen Beer Company in Braddock, PA. Matt, Asa, and Brandon hope their brewery will help this once-prosperous steel town bounce back from decades of neglect, violence, and population loss.

The film also tells the emotional story of Danny Robinson, a boardwalk brewery owner and restaurateur whose empire is threatened by an aggressive trademark lawsuit that could leave him penniless.

Four entrepreneurs, two brand new breweries, and one ultimate goal: to quench the thirst of the craft-craving masses.

What this documentary did really well was intermixing the two start-ups with interviews from the more established brewers. This was a great way to tell the story from the perspective of those who had gone through the growing pains and those who were going through it now. The beer industry is going through many changes and it's interesting to watch the movie and see what is happening around the US. Many beer documentaries spend a long time on the brewing process, this one spent just the opening on it, so they were able to focus more on the stories of the breweries. Another nice thing about the documentary is that each of the focus breweries focus on a specific area so we can see what startups go through, not every brewery is the same so it was nice to see the different issues being brought to life.

Our state continues to grow with new breweries popping up everywhere. There are at least 3 new breweries opening in the Pioneer Valley sometime in the first half of this year and I am sure more are on the way.

We live in an exciting brew time, so go out there and visit all the local breweries and enjoy this time because at some point the so called 'craft bubble' will pop and there will be some regression but that doesn't mean we can't enjoy it right now!

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