Tuesday, March 28, 2017

Master Planner: Date Night with Johnnyswim

If you know me well, you know that I am not the planner in the family but sometimes I am able to surprise my wife with making some great plans. Our Monthly Date Night out (one of our goals this year) was all planned by me including finding overnight childcare (Thanks Grandma and Pa!!!) and it was a complete surprise to my wife. To discuss this Date Night I must take you back to Valentines Day, we generally don't do gifts on Valentines Day but I decided to do anyways. Instead of being like a normal guy and buy jewelry or something I decide to do something big and romantic. I purchased tickets to go see Johnnyswim live in Fairfield, CT at The Warehouse. To go along with this gift I found childcare for the boys, and we went out for dinner and breakfast the next morning, her choice. I also offered that we would have an Airbnb, she declined that part but was excited to have a night without the kids.

On to the first part of my plan, Johnnyswim played a bunch of shows within a week of each other in this area. So I presented a bunch of dates to my mother-in-law when I asked if she could watch the boys for the night and we would get them in the morning. It just so happened to be that the Wednesday show worked best and the boys would already be over there. So, it was to be that we were going to CT. I offered up a few options for dinner, we took the Frigos approach, got our sandwich and made our way to Fairfield.

Along the way we decided to stop at New England Brewing Company because we were going to have the time and I love their beer. The day we picked just so happened to be the lucky day they were debuting Fuzzy Baby Ducks in cans and we were lucky to each get a six pack. Hurray for me and payment for the next part of the trip, IKEA. which is some place that my wife loves that drives me crazy.

Once we were done, it was a short drive to The Warehouse where Johnnyswim performed and they were awesome. For those who don't know they are a husband and wife duo and they are excellent. While I admit neither of us were super familiar with their music we were both experiencing the concert together and we both left super impressed and big fans. We learned that they also do the theme song to Fixer Upper, a favorite of our shows. In fact, that is where we first heard of them, they played at Chip Gaines' birthday. To hear more of their music you should subscribe to the playlist below on Spotify.

The next morning we ate breakfast at Sylvester's and then returned to our normal lives. All in all, I planned a night away and it was exactly what my wife needed. Even after almost 10 years, I can still surprise her!

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