Tuesday, March 21, 2017

What I've Learned: Everything is a Remix

Screenshot from Remix
Sometimes my work crosses over into my personal time. This happens to be one of those times. Normally I wouldn't write about What I've Learned twice in a row but quite frankly this was something that was awesome. Filmmaker Kirby Ferguson walks us through a great history lesson with modern examples of copyright and remixing. Essentially the series of videos walks through the history of remix and by extension, copyright laws. Everything can actually be boiled down to the idea that no matter how original you may think something is, it was inspired by something else. He goes on discussing how Henry Ford and Steve Jobs took things that were already created and made them better, put things together in a new way, to make something new. For the four-part episode or the side videos that were created focus a lot on the intellectual property and how we suffer loss aversion, which leads to terrible copyright laws and patent trolls.

So if you are into learning something new check out this great documentarian and his videos. I'm including the updated video here but there are some great ones on the iPhone, Star Wars, Led Zeppelin, Patent Trolls and other videos. He has a website that has all of this information plus more! Everything is a Remix

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