Wednesday, May 17, 2017

What's Going on With Riot Brewery?

One of the things to upgrade this year, my set-up!
If you did not know, I love beer. I mean I really love beer, so much so that I started making my own many years back. In the coming weeks, I am brewing a favor for some friends, making the most beer I have ever made at one time. This summer though is going to be one that I miss out on though when it comes to Homebrew Competitions. My favorite one, The Worthy in Springfield is happening the day after our baby girl is going to be born, so my wife said no, well she said it in a different way, I think insane, crazy and heck no was used in the same sentence. I mean, I knew the answer when I asked the question so I mostly tuned out her answer. I imagine that with three kids it will be harder to find time for brewing this summer so I am also thinking that the Holyoke Canoe Club is out again this year because of timing, I am running a Tough Mudder for Save the Children around the same time. So, as far competing goes, it will have to wait til next year.

What does this meaning for brewing though? I will continue to carve time, maybe even schedule an every three months time or so to brew. About a year after I started to use Riot Brewery as my name I have learned that a brewery in Canada has started using Riot Brewing as their name and it is something that is easy to confuse. This leads me to the next part of which is that Riot Brewery after this year will be rebranded to something else. I have some ideas but I need to have them vetted through my crew, I also think I will trademark that name for future use and of course, whatever the name is, buy the .com name and create a new logo for it.
A finished product worth drinking

Will I still make beer, absolutely! Will it still be some of the best in the Valley, no question! Will I enter competitions this year, maybe but next year, 2018 will be my year. For now, this year will be used to refine, refine, refine and build up the brewhouse.

Another thing that goes along with this is the fact that I am also working part-time at Abandoned Building Brewery. One of the best breweries in the Valley and in Massachusetts, so I still have access to fests when I am working them and a great network of brewers who can help teach me more so that one day I can reach my dream of opening my own brewery.

Here is a little of the latest beer that I made, my last brew day I made a Rye Ale, slightly hoppy but with a nice spicy bite. For my friends, I will be brewing an East Coast Style Pale Ale and a Belgian Wit. After that, who knows when I get to brew again and what it will be, what I do know is that it will be good!

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