Monday, June 26, 2017

Book Review: This Is Where You Belong:The Art & Science of Loving Where You Live

I am big into podcasts and one that I listen to is titled The Art of Manliness. This podcast is part of a website called "The Art of Manliness", essentially is a website dedicated to raising men up properly. One of the episodes that I listened to was about this book by Melody Warnick and they had her on to talk about the book and what it means to be happy where you live. A lot of times when you listen to a podcast you here an interview that makes you say 'Hey, I think I might want to read that book'. This was one of those podcasts.
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So Melody Warnick's book examines something that many Americans do and that is moving. As a culture, we move a lot, some more than others, which creates a displaced heart in us. Many people move for jobs, schools, a change of pace, sometimes it's to get away from something painful in our lives. I know for me, there have been times that we have thought about moving to Austin, TX or North Carolina but we ended up in Western Mass so that Kristin could go to Graduate School and I could find a teaching job but we ended up loving it here and found a town or two that fits us. Although we are at this point now, I never thought I would live this far north,
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As I was reading through the book I felt like it would have been more applicable 5 years ago when I was becoming discontent with where we were living. Don't get me wrong we live in one of the most beautiful areas in the country, near many great things. Most of which, I haven't learned to appreciate until the last few years. I had been unhappy with my job and just wishing for a change, which I tell you what, has a strong effect on how you feel about where you live. There were many days I thought that I would just continue driving north back to Vermont or south to somewhere. Then we started to do more investing in the communities that we lived in. I think part of it for me was getting more into the brewing network of homebrewers and competing in competitions, doing well in most of them but I had started to develop acquaintance friends, guys who I had started to befriend and make connections with those who I would otherwise never come into contact with. It led me to my second job at Abandoned Building Brewery, which has allowed me to grow that network more and even learn more about starting my own brewery someday.

What I ultimately took away from this book is that in order to like where you live you need to invest in the community that you live in. We all move and have to address our fears that we have when we move. When we invest, we find contentment, when we find contentment, we can be happy with where we live.

This was a great book, A must read for any 20 something and be on.

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