Tuesday, June 20, 2017

Western Mass Beer Week!!!

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So this past week, Western Mass celebrated all things Beer. This year is the second year of Western Mass Beer Week and the number of events grew exponentially, I heard that there was something like 70 events throughout the week. The week began on June 10 and went to the 17th. With working at Abandoned Building Brewery we actually had a pre-WMaBW event, our Food Truck Friday was scheduled a day before the official events kicked off. Let me tell you, with nothing but free advertising we had around 700 people at the brewery on Friday, 250 - 300 more than the first one of the year. We had a beer line that was super deep all night long until it was dark out. It was a crazy night.
Some of our current can stash with the Collabo beers! 

For the week, our brewery had multiple events, even some I will probably miss by accident because it was so busy. We had three collaboration beers which were awesome, we had an Imperial Stout we brewed with Lefty's in Greenfield, Manhan Pale Ale brewed with Beerology, a homebrew store in Northampton, and our second WMaBW collaboration with Brewmaster Jack, called A for Effort, sticking with our Calvin themed beers. All three are excellent but the Manhan Pale Ale was the best in my opinion if Manhan is A1 then the other two are A2 and A3. We also had three beer dinners and of course the Firkin face-off, a cask flash Friday and then Pedal to Pints, Worthy Beer Fest, tasting at The Beer Shop, something at the Canoe Club and Katelynn's Ride. So, by my count, including the pre-event, we had 13 different events ourselves.

Many of the other breweries had their own events including some of my favorites like Vanished Valley and Amherst Brewing a coming out party for Two Weeks Notice, one of the newer breweries in the area at the Skyline Hop Shop.

Major props must be given to the Western Mass Beer Week team. They were well organized, with lots of great events planned for the week. I am excited to see what happens for next year. I will also be able to compete in the Homebrew competition, I couldn't this year because of this.
Eowyn (Ay-O-Wyn) was born on Friday, here she is on Saturday!

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