Friday, August 4, 2017

Tough Mudder and Save the Children

So the last few weeks have been crazy busy, for work we were preparing to present at a national conference called Fusion. So we were in Las Vegas and let me tell you, I have never done so much walking in one day in my life. According to my Fitbit, I missed 30,000 steps by 125 steps, a lot of steps. After a few days in Vegas, I can confirm that it is not a place for me.

This is not me, but the race I ran.

While there though, I realized that I was less than a month away from running my next Tough Mudder. In rest days I have thought about where I was when I first ran the Tough Mudder. I was feeling lost, dejected and rejected. In many ways, I was doubting where God had placed me. I was angry, frustrated and feeling like I have been wasting my life. So when the opportunity arose to run a Tough Mudder I was interested. What lead to the first run, was that I volunteered the year before. I was checking runners in, while doing that I saw people from all walks of life, with their own reasons for doing it. I even checked in a runner who was blind and running with a time, a former Army Ranger that had a prosthetic leg, like I said, people from all walks of life. Just being there made me feel more alive than I had been in a long time and I knew I had to be a part of it. Enter last year, after the year that I had teaching, I was ready to walk away from the career that I had. I had reached my burnout point and I wasn't sure if I was going to return to teaching. I was at a point where I was even looking at finding Temp jobs that would pay the bills. I had visited with a counselor and a few doctors to deal with my stress and panic attacks. This post is something that has been long coming and difficult to write.

My race happened right before the last few days. Let me tell you, something inside of me clicked. The race was in some ways God telling me, 'Look at everything around, don't you know who I am, I provide for everyone here and I will provide what you need, just keep faith and focus on what is ahead of you' There is something to be said for standing at the top of a mountain that you just climbed with a 30 foot wall to also climb that makes you think how great God is. Sometimes you just need to physically exhust yourself before you realize you were trying to do to much without God.

That race was for me, it changed my outlook, restregthened my faith in God. Then a month later everything changed, two new jobs, one for our main income that I was going to enjoy (still do) and one for me (that would be the brewery). This year, I wanted to give back and the Tough Mudder has a way to do that, run for a cause. So I am, this year I am running for Save the Children.

Save the Children is an organization that comes in after diaster has happened and does everything it can for the children who are affected by it. Hurricanes, their there, Torando's their there, Earthquakes their there, War their there. At the end of this post I have included an advert that they made. In fact, if you shop at PriceRite you may even see the same one there. I believe in what they are doing and I need your help. I am raising money and I haven't met my goal yet, As of this post I am still a few hundred dollars away and the race is in two weeks. I ask you to please click on the link and give.

Link to Give for the Race!

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